What We Do

Abide Bible Study:

Once a week we gather together at That One Place and we open up our Bibles together. We always do an exegetical study, which is basically a fancy way of saying we go through books of the Bible word by word, sentence by sentence. There will always be things to eat, things to drink, and good times had when we gather together.

Breakfast with Blake:

Every Sunday morning we gather together in the glassroom at Central Christian Church and we eat a hearty breakfast. We are upfront with the fact that we gather together at this time for two reasons: To eat food and to talk to one another. We want to give you one more reason to come to church on Sunday morning!

Lunch @ the CC:

Every Thursday we get together in the Campus Center to eat lunch. This is just a time to get together to share a meal together amidst a busy school week!

Community Groups:

Our community groups are adult hosted and student led! So, what this means is that on different nights throughout the week, we gather in different homes of families in the church. Student led means that it is up to a student leader to invite people, organize a Bible study, game night, or just a discussion! And up to the family to open up their home, and provide some snacks or maybe even a meal. (if you’re lucky)


This is a program where students are paired up with a family in the local church. Our goal is to provide students with some of the comforts from home, while connecting with some older and more mature Christians who are there to walk alongside students in their journey through college. So whether it is a ride to the grocery store, a conversation over a cup of coffee, help finding a doctor in town, to eating a home cooked meal, we want to hook students up with these kinds of opportunities and relationships.


We believe as being a body of believers we are called to be a light to our community. So, we think that this looks like serving our community! On a regular basis we provide opportunities to partener with local schools, non-profits, and ministries that are caring for our community in real and tangible ways.


We believe that great things come from traveling. Over Christmas break we travel to Dallas, Texas to attend Passion Conference. This is a conference where we get to worship with thousands of other college age people and hear from some phenomenal speakers!

Over our spring break we take a ski-trip. We think that smack dab in the middle of a busy semester you need a bit of a breather. So, what better way to relax than in the mountains with your friends!

I know what you’re thinking after reading about what we do on spring break. “They don’t go on a mission trip during spring break? Are they really Christians?” We put our big mission trip after finals week/gradutation! We do for a handful of reasons, it gives us an ample amount of time to recruit, raise funds, and plan the trip, and it serves as a great way to send you all off for the summer!

Summer programming:

We understand that there are plenty of college age people that stick around for the summer or come home for the summer. So because of this, our programming continues throughout the summer it just looks a little different. We will still have Abide Bible study on Tuesday nights! And we do weekend events like, hiking trips, bonfires, and grill-outs. And we take a short mission trip at the end of the summer before we get ready to kick off another semester.